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How To Calculate Your Ideal Weight?

Calculation and the definition of your ideal weight. What is the ideal weight for girls or women? We are accustomed to the “glossy” smiles and shapes, flashing before our eyes every day. Their proportions indeed appear to us perfect, but in fact we’ve never asked the question, but how many of them have an ideal weight? How often, getting on the scales you sighed heavily and thought that the time would have to lose weight fast, as the arrow is inexorably moving away from the intended or desired weight. Sometimes, the disappointed sigh escapes and slim people. Maybe we have just formed a misconception about how much weight for us is actually ideal? How do you know your ideal weight? How to calculate, calculate the ideal weight? Believe me, these questions continue to interest scientists and ordinary citizens. While on the way to solving this puzzle is done to date pretty much. When measuring weight are taken into [...]


Weight and Height of Women

How much weight during growth is considered ideal? How to consider yourself a person of perfectly proportioned body! But it is at the same time is just a myth. Indeed, in the world there was not and it would not be ideal body. Weight and height of women. The ratio of height to weight for women. Some take their own appearance of the popular “stars” and try to visually “reincarnate” into it, imitating them in almost everything. And if, for example, the weight of that distant “stars” do not exceed (again, no reliable data are usually taken from a yellow tabloid press release) – 55 kg, and its “double” wants at all costs have exactly the same, although there the Lord God gave large complexion and large stature. And without all the nuances they rush “to fight” for the right to be called “quite simply a second ….” For this purpose, all possible and impossible [...]