Proper Diet

It’s no secret that human health is largely determined by what he eats. The question of proper nutrition is extremely important.  Proper diet - is one of the key issues in health promotion. Because of the extremely active lifestyle, many people later have to resort to dieting. Increasingly concerned about their various health problems, acute and chronic diseases. Almost all men after 40 years, and sometimes, unfortunately, much earlier than that has to regulate eating with diet. It is very common to gain weight as the elderly. Much more serious problem is sclerosis and, of course, diseases of organs and systems: the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, heart and circulatory system , kidneys and urinary organs, glands, etc. Selection of diet requires a careful and cautious approach. Therapeutic nutrition is aimed primarily at setting processes in the body, optimizing metabolism. We should not think that diet can be replaced by medication prescribed by a physician, but this method greatly facilitates the treatment of [...]