Banana Diet

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Banana diet will help to get rid of extra pounds, gain ease and improve health. Because bananas contain a small amount of fat and are a dietary product, 100 grams which contains about 90 calories. Also in the banana there is a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins (fiber, calcium, potassium, starch, magnesium, zinc, iron, sulfur, phosphorus, pectin, glucose, sucrose, vitamins A, C, E, B, and PP), providing beneficial effects on the body.

Before the banana diet it is recommended to carefully prepare the body, while you must first abandon the fat, smoked, fried, salty, sweet and a little bit to relieve your body the day before the banana diet you should drink green tea.

Important is the right choice for a diet of bananas, so the choice should not feed, and banana yellow fruit with thin skin. Bananas should be ripe, so as not ripe bananas are not edible because of the content is poorly absorbed by the body substances. If you purchased all of unripe green bananas, then they need to be wrapped in paper and leave for a while in a dark place, after which they will be fit for use. It is not recommended for the banana diet to eat dried bananas, because they have more calories. Before use, the bananas should be washed thoroughly and peel and white threads, because it is suitable only for a diet of fruit pulp of bananas.

Banana diet is available in two versions: hard (7 days) and attenuated (3 days)

When choosing a banana diet it is very important to find a more suitable option.

Banana diet for a period of 3 days

When choosing a softer diet it is recommended to eat a banana every day for 3 bananas and 3 glasses of skim milk or buttermilk (1% fat), and the products separated into several stages. You can also make a banana shake by mixing in a blender and whipping bananas and milk. For three days the diet can eliminate up to 3 pounds overweight.

Banana diet for a period of 7 days

When choosing a stiffer banana diet it is recommended to eat each day to 1.5 kg of peeled bananas, and to use them at any time you feel hungry. Also during the week in addition to bananas need to use green tea without sugar in unlimited quantities, and to remedy the lack of protein in the body can eat in a day a boiled egg, because bananas contain insufficient amounts of calcium. With this diet for a week you can throw more than 5 kg.

However, the banana diet has its pros and cons, as well as contraindicated for people who have various chronic diseases. Moreover, not everyone can eat for several days only to bananas, so it is advisable to make a stiff banana diet fasting day that will help you understand if you can survive a week of banana diet.

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bananas (Photo credit: Fernando Stankuns)

The advantages of the banana diet

The composition of bananas is a balanced complex of vitamins and various substances that are useful and beneficial to the functioning of the heart muscle and the body as a whole. Bananas have a laxative and diuretic and helps normalize the gut, thus helping to cleanse the body, reduce cholesterol levels and the output of wastes, toxins and salts. Also, the banana diet is recommended for obesity and the presence of edema. Bananas stimulate the renewal of the epithelium and mucus, and therefore are useful for the stomach. When the banana diet is the normalization of metabolism in the body, so it is not recommended after a diet drink and harmful junk food. Also taking bananas useful if you have problems with skin, arthritis and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Over a relatively short period of banana diet will help get rid of extra pounds, become leaner and feel better.

Disadvantages of the banana diet

The banana diet is contraindicated in the presence of various chronic diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, and if you have diabetes or who are hypersensitive to the product. That is why the choice of such a diet will not be superfluous to consult a dietician who will help in the selection of individual diets.

After the banana diet to keep the result for a long time to restrain themselves in the use of fatty and high-calorie food. In order to maintain good form it is recommended to periodically repeat the banana diet.