Orange Diet

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If you are looking longingly into the mirror, think not about what sport to do, but that the world is very tasty and enjoyable diet can be followed. Of course, this does not mean that you can completely dispense with fitness, but a nice diet – that’s half the battle.

Which diet is meant, you ask. I’m talking about the orange diet, which is gaining popularity very fast. Today in the supermarket it can be easily found on any citrus flavor and a simple orange is hardly exotic.

So what is an orange diet?

Orange is rich in vitamins, including vitamin C. It is also called ascorbic acid. It is very useful for the body, making us more resistant to viruses, strengthens blood vessels, promotes skin renewal and elasticity. Also, vitamin C is involved in metabolic processes of the body. In addition, vitamin C forms the active substances – hormones.

Aromatherapy suggests that the scent of orange braces, gives confidence and joy. So if you eat a couple of these healing fruits, mood immediately improves.

But who would have thought that oranges can also help you to put themselves in the form to be happy when looking at yourself in the mirror.

The authors of this weight loss technique argue that diet can be delicious and weekly to help you lose six or seven pounds. In this case, of course, it is important not to have an allergy to citrus fruits.

At what expense the pound melts with orange diet? 

The fact is that the product has completely calories, but it is able to quench their hunger at the expense of endorphins, which arise in the process of eating oranges. Eating oranges, even in very large quantities, we are still not gaining weight, unless, of course, do not supplement the diet of flour and fried food.

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Nutritionists have investigated the effect of orange diet on humans. We recommend a day to eat about a kilogram of oranges. Thus, five or six fruits should be separated for the day.

Clearly, some oranges, do not provide the body with all the necessary materials. So sometimes in the diet can be added to foods that do not contradict the orange diet. You should drink mineral non-carbonated water. In the first week of dieting can be a day to eat two hard boiled eggs. During the second week you can eat porridge. Particularly useful in this period will buckwheat. Buckwheat will satisfy you and provide the body with vitamins and nutrients that are not available on some oranges.

Salt and sugar are banned, as oil and other seasonings.

The third week of diet you should be especially attractive, because you can eat any vegetables and fruits (except bananas).

During the diet on the oranges you get rid of the hated pounds, will feel the lightness of the whole body, get a good supply of vitamin C.Your mood will improve not only by the endorphins in the body, but also from the beautiful reflection in the mirror.