Lose Weight With Sandwiches

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Sandwiches earned a bad reputation due to a fast-food networks. However, the sandwiches appeared before snack and do not always have such a high-calorie. To restore the good name of sandwiches, let us learn to make simple, vegetarian and delicious sandwiches at the same time.

Incidentally, the sandwiches can be divided by gender. Girls love sandwiches with pineapple and chicken, and men – with red meat.

Depending on the size and composition of the sandwich can be a full meal. With the sandwiches can even enrich your diet nutrients and lose a few extra pounds.

To get started you will be examined with the bread. Plain white bread is poor in nutrients, and it has a lot of salt and baking powder, which our body in large quantities are not needed. It should give preference to bread, which is enough whole grains. The label will be so written, “whole / sprouted grain.”

Teach yourself to use instead of mayonnaise-based sauce, a thick yogurt with garlic and herbs. Instead, the finished ketchup can make a home made with fresh tomatoes. Especially fat mozzarella cheese substitute, cheese or tofu. Peanut butter and can be successfully replaced by a delicious and nutritious peanut, apple and almond oil. Chicken and fish fillet treat for a couple, and vegetables – on the grill. At first this may seem like a daunting task, but believe me, delicious, healthy, nutritious and low-calorie sandwiches are worth it.

The most common used cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, salads, onion, olives and peppers. So you make your sandwich more tasty and rich with useful substances.

Making sandwiches – it’s a great opportunity to show your imagination. As for the fillings for a sandwich, you can use the pulp of banana, tahini paste, salad. Also try experimenting with the form of sandwiches. Tighten them as rolls, decorate, create funny faces. Not for nothing are so popular the Japanese bento, sandwiches made in the form of plants, cartoon characters and animals.

Remember that the pickles contain a lot of sodium, which holds the fluid in the body, overloading the vessels, edema and helps prevent weight loss. If you love sandwiches with pickles, try to do such, where they are as small as possible, and more vitamins – for example, with olives, artichokes.

Here are a few examples of sandwiches, and how they can be made more useful.

Plain cheese sandwich – a lot of fat and sodium. Therefore, use low-fat cheese, stuffing from the omelet with fresh vegetables such as red onion, lettuce and tomatoes. With vegetables, you do not pay attention to the fact that one slice of cheese in the sandwich less. With this you will enrich your body with antioxidants, which cleanse the body perfectly.

In a conventional sandwich with salted fish a lot of salt. It is necessary to choose canned tuna fish or steamed. Salty taste marinated artichoke sandwich give, and olives. Add as leafy greens, red onions and tomatoes. In the olives a lot of vitamins B, C and E. The artichoke is rich in potassium and iron. Dietary fiber and vitamins of vegetables sate and allow the body to suffer from lack of nutrients.

Sandwich with butter and eggs is good because it contains iron, protein and bioflavonoids. But the quality of eggs is difficult to trace. So instead we can take the chopped olives, or a paste of sesame seeds and legumes – hummus. You can also try to make sandwiches with eggplant caviar. The result is a sandwich, rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, proteins and vitamins A, B, C.