Watermelon Diet

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New diets appear almost every day. A huge variety of diets for weight loss allows you to choose the most suitable for each season. And on what other diet to sit in the season of watermelons as not to watermelon diet!

Watermelon diet may be recommended not only for those who want to lose weight, but also to those who would want to clean the kidneys, take excess water and salt from the body. This is one of the few diets for weight loss, which not only reduces weight but also contributes to the improvement of the body.

But we should not forget that the watermelon diet has contraindications. 

A strong diuretic effect, which causes water-melons, helps to get rid of the crystals of various salts, which are formed in the kidneys and eventually turn into sand and stones. The kidneys are cleared out the sand and small pebbles, to facilitate their release are encouraged to take warm (38-39) bath. But if you have already formed in the kidney stones, watermelon diet can trigger their migration, which causes severe pain – renal colic. So, before you start the watermelon diet, it is desirable to pass ultrasound and make sure that no stones are found in the kidney.

Watermelon is not suitable diet for diabetics, because watermelon contains carbohydrate, contraindicated in this disease. Do not use watermelon diet with cancer and severe cardiovascular diseases.

Those who suffer from chronic gastrointestinal diseases, kidney disease, who underwent surgery in the abdominal cavity before the watermelon diet should consult a physician.

Watermelon diet is designed for 5 days, during which time there should be only the watermelons, and another 10 days, during which in addition to watermelons, you can also use a small amount of low-calorie foods.

How much watermelon should be eaten in a day? 

Internet is filled with a foolish and dangerous information that you need to eat 1 kg of watermelon flesh in the 10kg weight. This means that with a weight of 80 kg is recommended to eat 8 kg and who weighs 100 kg – 10 kg of watermelon pulp per day. It is hard to imagine how you can consume per day that amount of food, even if it will be a watermelon. In addition, in the flesh of watermelon, in addition to all nutrients necessarily contains also nitrates, and their number in the 8-10 kg clearly exceed all standards and may even literally be life threatening.

And when you consider that the 100g watermelon flesh contains 30kkal, in the 8-10 kg of watermelon will be 2400-3000kkal that not only does not help to lose weight, but on the contrary, lead to the opposite effect.


Based on the recommended caloric intake for weight loss in 1200 1500kkal, eat in a day can be no more than 4-5 kg ??of watermelon pulpUsually, the watermelon diet is easily tolerated, as contained in watermelon sugar immediately enters the bloodstream and blocks hunger. Just the feeling of satiety comes in a short time, so it’s best to eat more often. If hunger is too overpowered, you can afford a piece of black bread. Calories 100 grams of black bread – 225kkal, keep the total calories eaten bread, and watermelon did not exceed 1200 1500kkal.

Since watermelon has a strong diuretic effect, the body is actively displayed not only the extra salt, but also vital potassium and magnesium. In order to fill, be sure to take a pill asparkama (2-3 tons per day), which can be cheaply bought at any drugstore.

After 5 days of watermelon diet, porridge on the water are added, a small amount of lean meat or fish, raw vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese, which is recommended to eat for breakfast and lunch. Number of watermelon eaten, respectively, decreases. In general, watermelon diet lasts 15 days, the average weight loss of 7-8kg.

Watermelon diet – it is an effective way to lose weight that can improve your body. But the effect of watermelon diet may be short-term, if, after you did not follow the rules of good nutrition, however, it refers to any diet.