Diet for Teeth

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Teeth can be damaged not only by coffee and tobacco, but also on medication and food dyes. What to eat, to have teeth healthy and beautiful?

Diet for teeth came up with Edward and May Mellanby. Thanks for the studies that have shown us which products are most useful for your teeth and gums. For a diet to fruits and vegetables teeth massage the gums and teeth, removes plaque, stimulates salivation, which destroys harmful bacteria that trigger tooth decay.

Best diet – it’s a lot of clean water, carrots, apples, daikon, kiwi, sesame seeds, celery, onions, greens and shiitake mushrooms. Also pamper yourself with beef, mint, parsley, cheese, yogurt, walnuts, fish, chicken.

It is necessary to minimize the flour and sweet. Such food creates an acidic environment in the mouth, which is especially comfortable for bacteria that erode enamel.

Cigarettes, coffee, dyes and tetracycline spoil the color of tooth enamel, so it’s best to give them up.

Seeds, nuts and dairy products give the body calcium to strengthen enamel and bone jaw. Beef, eggs, chicken, except for calcium, phosphorus, contain that vitamin D and calcium forms of bone cells. Oranges, Bulgarian pepper, kiwi fruit, gooseberry – sources of vitamin C, protects gums from gum disease.

Onions, shiitake mushrooms and green tea are fraught with substances that destroy harmful bacteria in the mouth and prevent the formation of plaque. Pumpkin, carrots, broccoli are rich in vitamin A, which is important for the formation of enamel. Parsley and mint essential oils freshen your breath.

If you decide to go on this diet, snack raw fruits and vegetables. 

For breakfast, add to cereal kiwis, apples and carrots. In soups, stews, salads, put the onions and parsley, mushrooms, sesame seeds, and desserts – mint and nuts. On the basis of daikon radish, and obtained a delicious filling.

Sweet drinks and even juices or drink through a straw, to as little as possible of sugar fell on the tooth enamel. Lean on desserts and fresh fruit juices. Rinse your mouth after each snack. If you really want a sweet, eat it as quickly as possible, but not savor in the mouth.

Try to give up muesli-bars, breakfast mixes, chips, refined bread, citrus juices, soft drinks, jam, sugar, energy drinks, alcohol and coffee.

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Eat three or four times a day, with breaks of at least two hours. So you will comply with the acid-base balance, and not harm the enamel.

Of course, in order for the teeth to be always healthy, diet should be followed consistently.

Here is an example of this diet. 

For breakfast, eat an apple-carrot salad with walnuts and natural yoghurt. Lunch may consist of celery with hummus. For lunch, eat soup with shiitake mushrooms, potatoes and salad with tuna. At mid-morning snack and allow yourself to yogurt a couple of kiwis. Dinner might consist of roasted vegetables.

As you can see, it’s delicious, versatile low-calorie diet, which also gives the opportunity to get rid of acne. After all, this problem may occur because of the exhaustive search of sweets.

Remember, the diet prevents tooth decay in the early stages and does not cancel the regular visits to the doctor.