Diets For Nutrition Diseases

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Many common diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can not be a good treatment without concurrent use of the diet.

Proper nutrition – the main requirement for treatment if you suffer from digestive diseases. However, every kind of disease requires an individual approach to treatment and special diet.

Gastritis with low acidity

First of all, treatment should be conducted under the supervision of a physician. Health food – one of the therapies, so the doctor will prescribe a diet. Competent manner, and made ??up the menu properly cooked dish is a powerful factor in the treatment of gastritis with low acidity.

The lower acidity - a disease that is characterized by insufficient secretion of gastric juice – requires compliance with a special power supply system. The purpose of the diet:

  • increased secretion of gastric juice,
  • sparing regimen for the patient’s body.

The process of digestion in the human body is very delicate and extremely difficult. We did not realize that digestion starts well before food enters the esophagus, namely the moment when she was still in his mouth. A cozy, tastefully furnished place for a meal, expertly laid table, pleasant aroma of cooked food, its attractive appetizing appearance – all this leads to the action of a complex system, which is releasing the digestive juice, signals the beginning of the process of digestion. The lower the acidity indicates that this complex system misaligned. To give effect to the digestive process, the patient needs a strong push. In this case, the aesthetics of cooking, her beautiful appearance, attractive smell of – all this is extremely important. In order to make the infantile digestive system secretes digestive juices, special attention should be paid to the skilful combination of a food menu that has such action. 

This is strong meat and vegetable broths, concentrated fish broth, vegetables, fruit juices, meat and mushroom broth, smoked fish (eg cod), salted, but well soaked herring, caviar, fizzy drinks.

Offering food to the patient, promotes secretion of gastric juice, it should at the same time, sparing a weakened gastrointestinal tract. Should be excluded from the diet certain foods.

Acute gastritis

If your doctor has diagnosed acute gastritis, the treatment must first start with a strict diet. The initial phase should be fasting. The patient may drink boiled water or unsweetened tea as instructed by physician. Typically, sharp manifestations of the disease begin to wane.

In the diet, you can add drink skim broth. With the broth cooked remove fat tissue. In addition to the broth, cook without added fat or fine-ground rice water, rubbed through a sieve thick, and serve crackers. On crackers cut into very thin slices of regular bread. Thick slices of tasteless, and unappetizing look.

In the future, as soon as the pain will pass, extend the patient menu. The doctor usually have permits to add to soups slimy egg, liquid cream of wheat with a slice of butter, dumplings in French on the water, too, with the addition of butter, boiled eggs, fruit jelly.

These meals should be served to the patient at regular intervals (2-3 hours) and in very small quantities, as the period of fasting gastro-intestinal tract to some extent lost the habit of work.

A few days later when the patient begins to improve, and the doctor thinks that the menu can be expanded food are getting closer to normal. You can allow the meatballs of lean meat (or fresh fish)-ground several times in a meat grinder, mashed potatoes, boiled whole piece of meat, mashed vegetables (carrots, spinach, beets, oat root, squash, pumpkin), and pureed fruit drinks. At the same time increasing portions.

After several days of this diet on the advice of an expanded physician can proceed to a normal diet, but over time the patient should avoid fatty meats and fish, fried foods, fat and spices, pickles and vegetables, causing distention of the stomach and intestines.