Diet For Exhaustion

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In today’s world to get the excess weight is not difficult, especially if you are a resident of the city. However, problems with their weight have not just adults who suffer from obesity. For some people, is exactly the opposite problem – how to cope with the problem – lack of weight. They can only envy fat people with their problems and complexes.

Try to understand and try to help some people suffering from thinness trying to get fat. Unfortunately this is not an easy process. To begin with, try to determine the influence of gender, age and growth of human body weight.

Weight, which is only 10% below the norm, can not be considered an anomaly. Shortfall within about 15% – that’s thinness, and above 15% – complete exhaustion. Only a long and dramatic violation of the rules of good nutrition can bring a healthy person to a state of complete exhaustion. 

The cause of depletion and exhaustion of the body to be found in his morbid state, and improper functioning. Obviously, in such cases, it is first necessary treatment. Patients has usually completely absent appetite, they have even frightened at the sight of food. Therefore, an enhanced diet should be started with very small portions to gradually get used to the abundant food. In this portion should be high and low volume. The best results are achieved when a person eats at one and the same time, the best 5 or 6 times. Just delicious and beautifully decorated dishes can excite the appetite in the patient. You can not force foods, that do not look good and seems tasteless, because it can backfire.

Meals should be varied. Necessary to select dishes that excite the appetite: strong decoctions of vegetables and nourishing broths, spicy sauces, smoked fish, appetizers, especially herring, vegetable and fruit with ki, and sometimes dessert with wine or brandy. It should not be served drinks in advance, only with meals is recommended to drink natural fruit and vegetable juices, milk, mineral water. If there is no evidence that exclude from the diet, some foods and products, or the doctor’s instructions regarding the sparing diet, this diet you can use all the food, use a variety of cooking technology, but always remember that the food should be high, and the dishes – a small amount. When cooking using fresh cream, egg yolks, butter and vegetable oil. Should be included in the diet pastry, desserts, sauces and beverages containing large amounts of fat.

Soups are preparing for strong broth, dressed with cream or egg yolks, chopped herbs, served in small portions.

Meat and fish are often fry, bake in a roasting pan or oven. To fatty meats are good sharp and sour condiments: horseradish, lemon, mustard and spicy sauces.

The diet allows extensive use of eggs, not only for filling sauces, soups and desserts, but also as a separate dish, in salads, etc.

Be sure to serve with meat, fish, vegetables and eggs: boiled with butter and crackers, stewed, roasted, as well as salads and fresh vegetables cooked with mayonnaise. Diverse and the choice of side dishes to meat dishes: pasta, crisp oatmeal or potatoes (French fries, baked with a fat, cooked with butter, braised, mashed potatoes with cream).

All kinds of cereals casseroles, pasta, puddings, pie, pies – high-calorie food and a way correspond to weight gain. They are trained not only sweet, but salted, served with lunch or dinner with a salad of raw vegetables or sauce.

Diet for exhaustion should not be monotonous, so pay special attention to the menu. Avoid monotonous combinations of the same products. Positive effect on the digestion of its appearance, table setting, the premise for a meal.

In compliance with this diet you should try to lead a balanced life and avoid nervous stress.