Food For Obesity

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The main cause of obesity include excessive food, though of course there are other factors. Sustainable growth is a reflection of the weight, that is too much heavy food. Your weight should be kept under constant review in the treatment of obesity

Even a perfectly healthy person can earn obesity with excess consumption of calories. If calories are not spent on work or metabolism, then they turn into fat calories at the rate of 7.5 – 1 gram of fat.

As long as your weight does not exceed 10% with respect to the normal weight corresponding to your height and age, there is no reason to panic. 

This is not obesity, but from the excess weight and get back to normal relatively difficult. Enough to limit the consumption of fatty foods and flour, baking potatoes, and sweets. But we can not ignore the tendency to overweight. If your weight is 20% higher than normal – it is obesity. Whatever the reason, it caused – is a physical defect. Being overweight is not always a symptom of the disease, but contributes to its occurrence. Obese man is doomed to constant additional physical stress associated with being overweight. Adipose tissue is growing, not only under the skin, but also in internal organs. Obesity complicates the normal functioning of the circulatory system, heart, liver, contributes to the appearance of sclerotic plaques.

A sample sentence that obese people live less, is confirmed statistically, but not be confidently assigned to “miracle diets” because they can cause great harm to the body. Anyone who is obese should first of all consult his doctor. Only an experienced doctor is able to determine the true cause of obesity, to establish a violation of the individual organs of the body and prescribe treatment that eliminates not only obesity, but its cause and effect.

Only a physician will determine the method and rate of weight loss.

Amateurism, familiar advice may lead to negative effects – pain in the heart, constipation, constant fatigue, and more. Premature wilting and sagging skin, wrinkles, fatigue, are typical consequences of ill-advised fight against obesity.

However, the doctor will be powerless if the person who decides to bring his weight back to normal, does not take very decisive action. The first condition – a firm decision to reach the goal. This solution will require human perseverance, effort, even sacrifice. Acquired over the years, eating habits and lifestyles will knock us constantly track and tortured severely weaken the regime’s will.

You should at least learn the basic rules of good nutrition. Every day, the patient will have to deal with concepts such as calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, etc.

To protect the skin and muscles from sagging and premature aging (which is always accompanied by a rapid weight loss), appropriate to your state of health and age, physical exercise, preferably outdoors, lots of soap and water. Need a lot of water, and warm, and cold. It should be immersed in water the whole body, often take a shower. And finally, we must not forget about the beauty parlor.

The main objective of the diet for obesity – to change the calorie balance. The aim is to achieve a negative. Combustion processes should prevail over the processes of absorption of nutrients. But in a significant reduction in caloric diet must still contain all the necessary for the normal functioning of the body of nutrients.

In accordance with the recommendations of a physician daily calories should be reduced to 60 or even 40%.

For a healthy person should be 35 calories per kilogram of body weight. Persons complying with this diet, they have 15 facet – 20 on 1 kg. Calorie daily food intake will vary within 800 – 1600 calories. When a patient tries lose weight, you can pick it up to 1600 – 2000 calories.

The volume of food to be significant. After all, should fill the digestive tract of a mass of low-calorie foods to satisfy hunger. Products that contain few calories, but with a large mass – it is vegetables and fruitsTherefore include them in the diet necessarily, depending on the season. In the winter – fresh and sauerkraut, turnips, carrots, celery, leeks, chicory, apples, frozen vegetables and fruits, canned variety, summer and fall – cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, green beans, tomatoes, radishes – in a word , all the vegetables with lots of fiber.

Useful and fruits, but we must not forget that they contain saccharide – carbohydratesCalories should be taken into account in the total number of calories provided by the daily diet. Calorie content of fruit in an average of 15 -81 calories.

Vegetables, raw and cooked, preparing salads, adding to them a little vegetable oil, preferably olive or soy. Should abandon the filling vegetable fats. You can fill the finished dish is not a lot of butter or cream, but it’s better not to add oil vegetable dishes.

Plant products have a special role. Their constituent minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C, provitamin A (carotene) and B-vitamins, offer the most complete digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates have on the body alkalizing effect and protect it from excess acid.

Number of products that deliver complete protein the body can not be less than the physiological norm – changes are permitted only within 1 – 1.3 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight, that is, at 80 – 150 g in the daily diet.