Weight Loss Smoothies

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Fashion for smoothies came against the backdrop of an ever-increasing popularity of natural foods. The word smooth (smoothie) means soft, homogeneous. This kind of cocktail that is mixed in a blender with fruit, vegetables, milk, herbs, nuts, juices and other, a wide variety of products. The resulting drink, drink gruel or soup through a thick straw or eat with a spoon. Preparing this dish is incredibly easy. Enough to mix all the ingredients together. But on the nutritional smoothies is unmatched, as much chopped coarse fiber is digested more easily, while retaining all its vitamins and minerals.

Like many other fashion smoothie originated from the West, which began in the 60s. However, only recently these cocktails were examined in terms of useful and healthy eating. Although accurate data, who first invented this delicious dish there, but do know that he was given the name of the founder of the network smoothie bars, Stephen Kuhnau. His first institution he opened in the late 60′s, but the true extent of ‘smoothie business “acquired at the beginning of the XXI century. Soon after commencement of commercial production of cocktails. Now it is a rapidly growing part of the global market.

Smoothies are striking diversity of their properties.

Depending on the components it can be helpful and harmful to health. It can be used as a tool for weight loss, cocktails are able to quickly recover your strength after the stress, illness. They are also quite often the cause of excess weight. Unfortunately, people are often perceived solely as a smoothie drink or dessert.

Despite the fact that a mixture of different caloric content is fully capable of replacing a complete meal. It is therefore important to know all the specific components of the cocktail, and under no circumstances should you buy ready-mix, produced by the factory method. Often, the true content of natural products in them is very little. They replace sugar and concentrate. Accordingly, the useful properties of such a product are virtually absent.

Smoothies are varied. 

Their cooking is a creative process. There are thousands of recipes. Anyone who has ever prepared a cocktail, brought into the process of something. If we consider the smoothies in terms dietitian to lose weight you must still follow certain rules.

- First, prepare the drink you have to yourself. The only way to control the composition and ingredients.

- Second, use only for making low-calorie foods. There should be no bananas, ice cream, sweetened yogurt, sugar and other high-calorie, fatty components, as well as salt.

- Smoothies quite a full plate. Replace them breakfast, lunch or dinner, but do not try to switch completely to the “liquid” diet for a long time. Teeth requires load. They need to chew and chew. Long-term use only “soft” food contributes to the formation of tartar, sluggish peristalsis, problems with the digestive system.

- The smoothie is useful to add a source of protein. .Typically, nutritionists recommend taking for that purpose, or soy milk powder.

- A cocktail should not be cold. Ice is not a compulsory part of smoothies. Worse than the taste buds perceive cold food, satiety occurs later, and therefore you unknowingly eat more.

Smoothie diet is probably the most gentle of the currently existing diets. It provides the body with all essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. In this case you will cease to harass the constant feeling of hunger. Thick sauce fills the stomach, leaving a feeling of satiety for a long time. A small amount of calories at the maximum nutritional value quickly and effectively to lose a few pounds, at the same time clearing the body of toxins and impurities. Smoothies can replace one or two meals. Partly as a tougher option, when the week go exclusively to the “fluid” food.

However, the smoothies are not a panacea. Like any other diet to lose weight will need to not only drink smoothies every day, but move more, exercise, give up fast food, flour, fat and other “useful” products. Subsequently, to keep the weight at that level ever need to adhere to a low calorie diet is not throwing in this exercise.